Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The War On Beer Pong

Radley Balko has the latest on the slippery slope toward fascism: The town of Arlington Virginia may ban outdoor drinking games.

A few years ago, Virginia’s power-tripping alcohol control board cracked down on state bars and pubs that sponsored drinking games like beer pong. Naturally, young bargoers in Northern Virginia started playing the games in their backyards. So naturally, the city of Arlington may now ban them on private property, too.

Bluemont resident James Thorne said that, since the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) board banned drinking games (such as “beer pong”) from bars and eateries, they have gravitated toward outdoor areas, such as outside local homes.

“It affects our quality of life,” Thorne said of the resulting noise.

Thorne asked board members to consider an ordinance change that would give county police the ability to request that such drinking games be moved indoors.

Board members said the matter should be investigated.

“What people do in the privacy of their own homes is their business,” board member Walter Tejada said. “When it spills out and affects the quality of the neighborhood . . . we have to take a look.”

County Manager Ron Carlee said his staff would look into the matter, coordinate with police and come back with a report to board members.

Reader Patrick Semmens sent the story, and adds via email:

As far as I can tell, this is being pushed by just one person, my next door neighbor, who is the sole proponent quoted in the Sun Gazette’s article.

For the past two years he has called the cops on my well-attended annual St.Patrick’s Day party (and last year also the Virginia Alcohol Bureau), but much to his dismay drinking beer outside during the middle of the day (and playing drinking games) is not against the law. So he is trying to change that by imposing a law on the 200,000 citizens of Arlington County.

Now an elected member of the Arlington County Board says they are looking into it, and the county manager is wasting time and money having his staff “investigate.” A police captain was even dispatched to my house to talk about the proposed law.

The city already has noise ordinances to deal with any disturbance Semmens’ parties may have caused Thorne. Banning drinking games on private property seems a bit ridiculous. Then again, so does the idea of banning them in bars.

Semmens has set up a website to prevent the idea from gaining momentum.


Blogger McMc said...

So something as simple as a noise complaint is means for banning a game? Ooooooooook

1:54 AM  
Anonymous rose said...

LL, in prior posts you talked about how the government intervention, starting in October, prevented the market from making bold decisions. Basically banks can't act, merge, spinoff, whatever it is they could do, with so much uncertainty.

Say what you want about Paulson, at least the guy put forth a plan quickly.

Timothy Geithner is absolutely pathetic. Everyone knows that stabilizing the financial system is extremely important, whether it be through the free-market (which would include some unpleasantness), or government intervention.

Geithner was appointed 11 weeks ago. And the treasury said all last week that a plan was coming Monday. Then they pushed it to Tuesday.

Then Geithner comes out, puts a real serious look on his face, gets a serious tone of voice, and then proceeds to give no details whatsoever. And the market gives them a -5% go fuck yourself.

How long do they want to paralyze the system for? Either do something. Or don't.

You have to wonder if politics is getting in the way of a real plan here. That they're trying to do the right thing, w/ out looking like they're doing the same thing as Paulson/Bush. That's the only way I can begin to understand how Geithner had 11 weeks and still doesn't have a plan.

3:58 PM  

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