Monday, November 03, 2008

Who Takes The Blame?

The sentiment I feel like I've been getting from McCain supporters is "you deserve what you get with Obama." Which is fair enough, but if the libertarians and small government conservatives who don't support McCain need to own up to whatever Obama does, will McCain supporters need to own up to the increases in government that would occur under a McCain administration? I don't believe it because I don't see anyone taking responsibility for the massive budgets of George W. Bush.

This is in part the problem of a strictly two-party system, but it's also the problem of a lesser of two evils approach to voting. What you get over time is that lesser evil getting worse and worse and worse. What you get is a Republican candidate who can't even acknowledge the idea that the federal government's power is limited. If Obama is supposed to be my fault because I can't stand to throw my support McCain's way, who's fault is it that the Republican party has rejected libertarianism for liberalism lite?

Updated 11/3/08 @ 9:25 AM
: McCain scares me because of what he means in terms of the limited government future of the Republican party. With Obama, either we'll get a Bill Clinton, which wouldn't be a terrible thing, or we'll get the most leftist president in our nation's history, which would be horrible, but at least would give the Republicans an opportunity to return to their roots and mount a 1994-style opposition.


Anonymous rose said...

I'll address your question later, but one last thing before that.

You put no value in McCain's foreign policy talent and seem to have no issue with the idea Obama is prepared to be commander in chief.

I just don't see McCain changing our economic policy in any real way, which I consider a pretty good thing since its worked great for the last 28 years, outside of a few government created monstrosities like the housing bubble and bust.

But I see McCain as the far more capable of the two in winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and dealing with Iran. You consider this notion to be blind acceptance of the idea that experience equals skill. I base this idea off of McCain's record compared to Obama's.

So what I'm saying is I see McCain having a real impact on our foreign policy and little impact on domestic policy. I see Obama having a terrible impact on foreign policy and a terrible impact on domestic policy.

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