Monday, January 21, 2008

Lamest Blog On The Interwebs

No, not the one you're reading. That honor would belong to the New York Times Editorial Board. Take a gander. The link is to a post entitled "Hollywood and the Young Smoker" and it's all about my biggest concern, smoking in the movies. Apparently, movies seen by kids may actually have people smoking on the big screen. Worse yet, some of these movies may actually "glamorize" smoking!

The Pediatrics study found that in movies smoking is presented as sophisticated. What is generally left out? Cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and shortness of breath.

I sometimes wonder whether Hollywood glamorizes serial killers and assassins, but I guess, you know, first thing is first.

You would think the editorial board of the most influential newspaper in the world would have more important issues to opine on. I don't know who actually sits on the New York Times editorial board, but I can imagine a bunch of self-proclaimed "enlightened thinking people" sitting around a table in an office overlooking the New York skyline, wondering why the world just won't let them step in and solve all of the worlds problems.

Here's the thing- Yes I understand the desire to protect kids, but you need to have some understanding and give some respect to just who and what kids are. Yes, little kids emulate what they see in movies ... by playing ... little kids don't actually fight to the death because they see it in the movies or smoke a cigarette because they see it in the movies. Older kids begin to make adult decisions because that's the process of them becoming adults. Smoking rates have dropped and dropped and dropped over the past few generations because every kid, from a very young age, has the dangers of smoking drilled into them. If you asked older kids that smoke the reasons they started smoking, I'm sure, "Because Brad Pitt did it" would be pretty far down the list.

All this nonsense here? It's just asinine.


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