Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This Is What I Mean About The Problems Of Campaign Finance Reform

Fred Thompson, undeclared Republican candidate for president, faces an electoral complaint in regards to his fund raising activities. A liberal blogger has filed the complaint, claiming that Thompson has raised more money than necessary in his exploration of a presidential run.

Now if you've had trouble seeing what's wrong with our draconian, speech suppressing restrictions on campaigning, this story should open your eyes a bit. Forget this "exploring" business for a minute, whatever that means. What's to stop anyone from giving potential candidates extremely large personal gifts prior to an announcement of a run for public office? And how is anyone supposed to know how much money is necessary to fund a "testing the waters" run?

As I've said before, time and again, the problem isn't money in politics, the real problem we have is politics in our money. I hope Fred Thompson drags this out as long as possible before actually declaring his intentions.


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