Monday, November 27, 2006

More From Radley Balco On The Kathryn Johnston Tragedy

The latest update on 92 year-old SWAT team victim Kathryn Johnston here and here.

Allow me to summarize: The drugs found in Mrs. Johnston's apartment was a "not large" amount of marijuana. Also, the raid on Mrs. Johnston's apartment was based on the information of an undercover informant, not an undercover police officer.

Again, the question is, are the use of paramilitary-style raids are warranted in these sorts of situations. Remember, no one is saying that police shouldn't be able to use paramilitary tactics in situations that have been identified as dangerous and have been identified as having a potential for violence. The question is, do we really want the police to use this sort of force in situations that have not been identified as dangerous?

Should police be able to knock down your front door and storm your home in the execution of all warrants? For those who think that the use of paramilitary tactics to execute warrants for non violent drug offenders is acceptable, are there any types of warrants in which the use of paramilitary tactics would be unacceptable?


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