Friday, April 21, 2006

If they're telling parents and kids what to, does this mean we have a 'Big Momma' government to fear?

"No More Sodas In Schools!" is what the local headlines tell me this morning, as Connecticut waits for the House to approve a bill banning the sale of all soda in public schools. The Senate passed the bill by a 24-8 vote.

But neither the article, nor the politicians involve address the real concerns such a bill raises. After all, banning unhealthy foods isn't such a horrible idea, given that we are talking about children. However, given the hundreds of public school systems, and thousands of public schools in the state, does it really make sense to force every school to engage in the same ban? If we're talking about children's health- and in certain instances, children's choices- then why not simply let local school boards decide on their own policies. Or better yet, let individual schools decide. Either way, give parents a more direct voice in these decisions that affect their children. This just smacks of nanny statism. The problem isn't the ban itself, the problem is the lack of regard given to the choices of individual parents and the individual school systems where such individual parents can actually wield influence.


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