Monday, July 04, 2005

Attack of the Anti-Bloggers

The lonely libertarian just had to link to this Sunday's Doonesbury Strip, courtesy of Nick Stewart. (via Instapundit.)

The rest of blogosphere is probably covering the strip in great detail, and unlike Nick Stewart, the lonely libertarian doesn't see this as much of a cause for anger. The reaction of the "old guard" to the rapid rise of the blogosphere is more humorous than anything else. This reaction is characterized by two symptoms:

1) Fear: This is covered by Nick Stewart. Fear of losing influence, and fear of the unknown

2) Misunderstanding: The best part of the blogosphere is the massive number of people who are blogging. Sure, 99% of the blogs out there are of no interest to anyone outside of the bloggers friends and families. But that doesn't mean there aren't any blogs out there that are worth reading, or that the medium itself is unworthy of competition with traditional information outlets. That would be like ignoring television news completely because television is the same medium that gave us The Simple Life. When the blog critics place the lonely libertarian in the same category as say Instapundit, it's the equivalent of placing the New York Times in the same category as an underground high school newspaper.

But maybe everyone in the blogosphere just doesn't know what they're talking about. After all, it makes sense to the lonely libertarian that Gary Trudeau would be more qualified to write about legal issues than all of the law professors at his favorite blog, The Volokh Conspiracy.


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